"The quieter you become,
the more you can hear" - Ram Dass

I started programming when I was 15 years old and never stopped breaking and fixing, reading and writing, and most importantly; learning. Programming has become more of a way of life than simply a job or a hobby, it's become a focal point of who I am as a person.
Besides programming I do other things too! (Shocking, I know) I enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering, reading, playing a few games here and there, searching for new beers to try, as well as for the perfect Tom Collins.

Personal Projects


This very website! I used Gatsby and React to build it!


Glucose Guide

Android Application to assist Diabetics in keeping track of their blood sugars and insulin intake.


Better Barista

A simple application to show users the beauty of making well crafted coffee at home.


R and D Iron

A single page application built for a local welding company to allow clients to contact them via a form entry and to display photos of previous work.


Sarcasti Ball

Silly application using Express Node server and React to give you a sarcastic response from a magic 8 ball


Employment History

CloudFit Software

May, 2019 - Present

Software Development Engineer

Working on a team of developers we used React Native, React, and C# to create incredibly looking applications for multiple clients and implemented ways to help bring them from the days of paper management to the modern day cloud solution.


January, 2019 - May, 2019

Supervisor of Windows 10 Migration

I supervised the migration of a Volvo plant from using Windows 7 to Windows 10. With one other individual we migrated 963 desktops and laptops to Windows 10.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

June, 2018 - December, 2018

IT Support

Provided support for researchers and staff at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute with any technical problems that they may come across. This ranged from software issues to full computer or component replacements.

Talk to Me

If interested in communicating with me, feel free to send me a message through Twitter or an email. I'm always willing to chat about code or other things!